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Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking is the gift of Nepal to the world in adventure tourism. It is a great opportunity for travelers to be one with nature, to regenerate one's own self-esteem, to rediscover oneself, and to appreciate beauty of Nepal.

In the north of Nepal lies beautiful Himalayas. Every year thousands of travelers visit this country to walk the paths taking one to the spectacular mountains.

Trekking is the best option for you to discover lifestyle of Nepalese living in the Himalayan region and of course it is an adventure in itself.

At Hotel Visit Nepal, besides offering room accommodation service we can also provide you with more information on trekking to various regions in Nepal.

You can always talk to one of our staff in the hotel to discuss on trekking programs available in Nepal. If you want to plan ahead of your arrival in our hotel then please send your queries to info@hotevisitnepal.com

Nepal Trekking Packages

Package Tours

The Himalayan Kingdom has the richest and most diverse culture landscapes anywhere in the world. Nepal is the holy land of Lord Pashupatinath and Gautama Buddha where the Hindus and Buddhists have lived together in harmony for centuries.

In this region one can explore a lifestyle that is unique in the world. People here still live life close to the nature and our hospitality is appreciated by most.

There are sightseeing tours that can be done in cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, Pokahra and Lumbini. These cities include world heritage sites, monuments and other attractions

Talk to us to plan your tour program. We will happily help you to allow you a memorable experience.

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Special Interest Tours

The Himalayan Kingdom has the richest and most diverse culture landscapes anywhere. Nepal is the holy land of Lord Pashupatinath and Gautama Buddha

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White Water Rafting

White water rafting means cruising down a rushing river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over crashing waves and swirling rapids for the

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Jungle Safari

This is also a unique gift of Nepal to the world as far as pioneering of this extraordinary product is concerned in South Asia and South east Asia.

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Mountain Flight

Mountain flights are a very convenient way of exploring the Nepalese Himalayan peaks without the hardship associated with treks and mountain climbs. All the

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Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal. Paragliding in this Himalayan country can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the

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Bungee Jumping

The ultimate thrill of a bungy jump can now be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites that this sport can be boast of anywhere in the world.

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Tibet Tour

Tibet cuddled by the Herculean Himalayas on the highest plateau of the world, has volumes to echo regarding its miraculous possessions. Located with pride at

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